Some of the highest paying affiliate programs online

If you are looking to trade yourself and are not a webmaster you might want to read some about high reward trading? Got a website related to trading - or another niche that could promote trading services? Then you should read on. You could utilize it with the best paying advertising programs online. Here on Trading Affiliate you will be able to find some of the best affiliate programs for just that kind of traffic. The rewards for referring depositing traders are HIGH!

List of the best online trading affiliate programs 2016


Products: Stocks, Forex, Indices, Commodities, ETFs and Options as CFDs.

Programs: $200 - $800 CPA for CFD referrals or 20% - 30% Revenue Share for the first 12 months of you referred trader. Payments change based on the country your referral resides in and the amount of traders you refer.

Service description: One of the biggest online trading service provider in the world. Enjoy trading with a serious and well reputed company. With Plus500 you can trade leveraged products called "CFDs" which can yield high returns (or losses). You can try out the service with a free demo account. T&Cs Apply! Your capital is at risk.


Online Affiliate World

Affiliate network with a program that lets you do marketing for the famous Markets.com with $300 CPA and AvaTrade with $350 CPA and Any Option $75 - $200 CPA.



Products: Stocks, Forex, Indices, Commodities, ETFs, Options, Bitcoin, Interest Rates, Bonds as CFDs.

Programs: $200 - $600 CPA for CFD, Spread Betting, Forex referrals. $180 - $60 CPA for Stocks referrals. $300 - $50 CPA for Vanilla, Binary Options referrals (this is available to US residents). Payments change based on the country your referral resides in.

Service description: Enjoy trading a high variety of different investment instruments in addition to what you would expect from a world leading trading company. You can also trade Bitcoin, Interest rates and Bonds with IG! IG has alot of learning material you can study to learn tricks of the trade and to enhance your trading skills. You will also find a live videobroadcast and a very active YouTube channel with analysis, tips and news that may come in handy!


.. Affiliates for US residents: Binary Options!

Online Affiliate World

Sign up to this network if you want to promote Any Option which has a $75 CPA for US traders.


What sites should you add trading affiliate programs to?

Trading affiliates make a lot of money per sign up but you need to refer depositing traders so you can't simply put the advertisements on any kind of site and expect a high commissions and earnings. There's also the problem that each program has their own rules for marketing their trading service. Read on for some more detail. A good rule of thumb anyways that I would like to point out is that you should give it a try to see if it works or not for you and your website - I just really want to point out that!

Making money online sites

A good fit you might think is the "make money online" niche but not all programs will approve of the marketing method of telling people to make money by trading high risk products. I got a mail from Step By Step Binary which are te people behind Top Option and Markets.com that they did not want me to have the theme make money on the same web page as where i promote them. For me it was only a little part of the page so it was not that dissapointing. But be aware of this and read the Terms of Services for the programs you would like to advertise if they do accept that kind of marketing - or simply e-mail the question using their contact information.

Investing sites

Another good fit you might consider is the investing niche. The problem here is that the kind of trading affiliate programs that promote high leverage trading products/services are not really long term investing and might not want to have their brand advertised as good platforms for making high reward investing. I got an email from an affiliate manager or support guy that they did not want the Plus500 affiliate program to be advertised as "investing" because it is much more about short term day trading with the potential for high risk and high reward. Other programs might accept it tho so you could contact the affiliate program you want to advertise to get their specific guides on how you can promote them!

Trading sites

The perfect match for trading affiliates. Sites for traders especially day traders have good visitors that are just the kind of traffic that want to sign up and start trading. The negative about tese kinds of sites tho is that most traders already have found a good service and platform that they use for trading so it is not really that easy to convert this traffic into commission as you might think. However many traders want to try out new services for greater returns and new possibilities. Also if parts or the entire trading website you've got is targeted for new traders they might not already have their preferred trading service provider

Other kind of sites

If you have / are making other kind of niche sites you could give it a try and see how well the affiliate programs are performing.

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